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Badger kenne ich eigentlich nur aus meinen nicht veganen Zeiten – als Badger Lip Balm :) Auf unsere Anfrage zu veganen Produkten von Badger bekamen wir folgende Antwort (24. Juni 2014):

badger-body-oil-antioxidant-vanilla-orchidHi Nadine,
All of our Body Oils, Hair Oils, Face Oils, as well as our Anti-Bug Shake and Spray are vegan products. These may be a great option for you!
Also – I just wanted to let you know we do use beeswax in our sunscreens and our balms. We love and honor the honeybees as much as we can here at Badger. We use 100% Certified Organic Beeswax under the USDA/NOP guidelines.
This means there are no pesticides, hormones, medicines or other man made chemicals used or nearby the hives to inter fear with their natural activities.
There is no „wing clipping“ or other egregious actions inflicted on the bees or their activities.
In short, the bees supplying 100% Certified Organic Beeswax are treated in the best and most natural fashion with the least amount of interference to their daily activities as possible.
We respect you, the planet, and all things on it. So we work very hard to make sure our products are safe and ethically sources.

In Kürze: Alle Körperöle, Haaröle, Gesichtsöle, sowie das Anti-Bug Shake and Spray sind vegan.

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